Best microphone stands for podcasting

More or less every podcaster will need a microphone stand. Some microphones come with a stand (usually a table-top stand), and some of them come without one and you urgently need to buy one. Please check when you order your microphone on Amazon if it comes with a stand so that you can buy one in advance and start using your microphone as soon as you receive it.

Different kinds of microphone stands

Table-top microphone stand

Table top microphone stands are those that are usually three legged stands that you put on your desk. They will hold a microphone in the right position and still, but the microphone will not be at the same height as your head. This can be ok for some and can be a problem for other.


Foldable table-top microphone stands

If you are on the road a lot and would like to take your microphone stand with you, then you should consider getting a foldable microphone stand. It will take up much less space in your bag and you will take it with you everywhere.


Scissor Arm Stands

Scissor arm stands are those that elevate your microphone directly to your mouth and allow you to move and adjust the position and height of your microphone. They are usually mounted to the table or a simmilar surface and will allow you to move around while talking. 

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Tripod boom stands

A tripod boom stand is the standard microphone stand that you can see on stages all around the world. It is tall enough so that the user can stand and talk into the microphone. You can adjust its height in two different ways so that it can be comfortable for the speaker.


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