How to get advertisers for your podcast

So, you have been doing your podcast for a while now. And it has been going great. You have probably scored a couple of great guests and you love doing it.

But you would also like to get something back. We all would. So here are a couple of ideas on how to get advertisers that will pay to be on your podcast.

Promote it on your podcast

People that are listening to your podcast will understand that your podcast is a good one and that it is relevant to them. This would also mean that it is relevant to people simmilar to them.

So why don’t you use your podcast and tell in the intro or outro

If you would like to promote your company on our podcast, please let us know on

This is the most direct way to do it. And maybe someone that is listening to your podcast will advertise.

Reach out directly to companies

This is the most work extensive, but also the most profitable way to do it. Of course, you need to be a bit smart while doing this.

Not every company is ready to advertise on podcasts, because some companies (or their marketing managers/CMOs/owners) don’t even know what a podcast is. So you should look for companies that are allready advertising on other podcasts in your niche and aproach them.

But of course you can also aproach companies that did not yet advertise on podcasts. This is especially true if you have a niche podcast, where an advertiser can see a direct positive if he advertises with you.

Just send them an e-mail or reach out on Linkedin to their marketing department, and try to get a call or a meeting. You should bring your download numbers to the meeting, but don’t let those numbers be the only thing you can show.

Tell them how enthusiastic your listeners are to write to you or to talk to you on social media. Show them how really relevant you are and how your listeners really believe in what you say. This way you can be a great marketing channel for them.

Advertising networks

Advertising networks are the companies that will do most of the work for you, but will also take some of the profits from you.

Midroll is an example of such a company that will take your podcast and find advertisers that will be prepared to pay for your time. Of course networks usually have minimum requirements, so they will ask how many subscribers you have, and they will also decide if the topic you are covering is interesting for them.

So not every podcast is suitable to be in an advertising network, but most are.

Midroll for example allows you to calculate how much you can earn with your podcast in a year. So if you have 100 podcast downloads per episode and you publish every week, you can earn a couple of hundred USD per year. If you have 10.000 podcast downloads per episode you can earn between 20.000 – 40.000 per year.

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