Podcast frequency – how often should you publish

Probably one of the more often asked questions by beginners. How often should I record, or how often should I publish my podcast.

I have a podcast that I publish every 2 weeks. This allows ample time for me to find new podcast guests, record with them, edit the audio and generate all the other things I need (images, text, podcast description etc.) and publish.

Is this the best podcast frequency? I don’t know. Most podcast will publish a new episode weekly, every two weeks or monthly. It all depends on how much time and energy you have for your podcast. But here are a couple of things that I would like you to know before you start.

Don’t push it

I know at the beginning you feel that you could push out a new podcast every day. You are full of energy, you think you have enough time etc. Well, it will wear off. The most important thing for a podcast to succeed is for it to stick to its schedule.

So start off a bit slower than you think you could be. And then you will see. This is why I started every 14 days and am now considering to up the volume and start publishing every week.

It is more work than you think

A lot of things go into publishing a podcast. And not only that, having a podcast means a lot more than just recording and publishing episodes.

First, the recording and editing take time. You need to find guests, schedule them (or find topics to talk about and develop them), you need to edit the episode, generate graphics, show notes and other things.

And yes, it will get easier on one hand, but you will also discover that you need to do other things when you get better. So allow yourself for some free time and have a loose schedule.

And beyond generating episodes, there is a lot of work you need to do. The website needs to be managed and you need to do promotions. And you need to work on your sound editing skills and on your talking skills and learn how to work your equipment.

All these things will take time so plan accordingly.

The more you do the more people will listen

This is the reason why I’m thinking about changing the schedule and producing more episodes. The more episodes that you have, the more people will listen to your podcast. If you publish once monthly, you will publish only 12 episodes in a year. And it is the easiest to promote your podcast with a new episode.

But a once-a-month schedule will allow you only 12 opportunities to promote your new episode. But is you do it every week, then you will be able to promote a new episode 52 times a year. And if you have a podcast that has guests, every new guest brings new subscribers. So publishing often is a good idea.

Schedule for disctractions

There will be times, when you don’t have the time to record or edit. You an get sick, your family members can get sick, you can get a weird load at work or go for holidays. All this will mess up your schedule, so plan accordingly.

It is best that you have at least one episode always ready. What I do is I have the next episode always ready and am producing the one that will go live in 4 weeks. So I have ample time to generate a new one even if I get sick for a week.

And so should you.

Allright, so what have you decided? What are your experiences with the podcasting frequency?

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