Podcast promotion with Twitter

What is Twitter and how do you use it

Twitter is one of the most used social networks out there. It is usually quoted the 5th or 6th biggest social network. It is a bit different than other social networks because it is much more limited, and this makes it special. It is videly used by more adult people and it can be said, that it is a bit more serious than other social networks.

It is still fun and funny, so don’t worry that you will have to leave your humor outside. You can of course bring it.

Twitter marketing basics

Here is a list of things you need to know before you go and use Twitter as a promotional tool:

  1. Your tweet (we call messages on Twitter Tweets) can be only 140 280 characters long (edit: Twitter has increased the size of the allowed tweet).
  2. You can attach a link or an image or a video to your tweet, and the link does not count to the length of the tweet.
  3. You can mention people using a @ and people’s name (also called Twitter handle). My podcast is called @time4marketingp on Twitter. If you mention someone in this way on Twitter, they will be notified that you mentioned them. This is a good way to start relationships on Twitter.
  4. You can follow people, if you do that, you will see their tweets on your twitter stream. This is what you want, you want people to follow you so that they see your Tweets.
  5. #Hashtags are a thing on Twitter. When you tag your Tweet with a hashtag then it gets bundled together with all other Tweets on this topic. You can see the #podcast here.

First you need a Twitter profile

This is the easy part. You need to register on the website. You will be able to choose a Twitter handle (find something that tells people directly who you are and what you do, but it should also be short and memorable. I know, a lot to ask 🙂 ). You need to fill out your profile and you need a profile picture. Your profile picture can be the same as you use on different other social networks or even the picture that you use in iTunes to showcase your podcast. People should recognize you from afar.

You can also add a short description and the link to your website. Now you are ready to start following people. You will be asked who do you want to follow already in the register part.

Twitter strategies for Podcasts

  1. Follow the right people. This is step #1, you need to see what people are saying on Twitter about the topics that are relevant to you and to your followers. You want to follow all the people that are important in the field that you podcast about. Also, I recommend that you follow all the people that are guests on your podcast, or if you don’t have guests if you mention them in your podcast, you should also follow them.
  2. Following people will get you, followers. Everyone gets a notification when a new person follows them, so if you go and follow a lot of people, some of them are going to follow you back. But don’t overdo it.
  3. Talk to people. You need to reply and retweet messages that are interesting for your followers. Talking to people that are interesting to your followers will show your profile to people and will get them interested in your profile. This is probably the most important advice. If you are active, you talk to people, people talk to you, you will get noticed. If you are just another profile that spews out links and promotional texts, no one will listen to you.
  4. Promote your Twitter profile on your podcast. Mention it at the beginning and end of every podcast. You should post a link to every new episode that you publish. This way you get great content and freshness on your account
  5. Share articles and links. Twitter is all about quality content. If you are in a niche (and you should be), then you will be able to find and share articles from your niche every day. Use a tool like Buffer that will allow you to schedule posts in the future. This way every time you find an interesting article, you can schedule it, so that you have a nice stream of daily posts on your Twitter account.

Allright, I would like to hear from you, how do you do your Twitter promotion? And, you can of course leave a link to your podcast twitter profile in the comments! Let’s see those Tweets!

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