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An old saying in my country goes like this: More heads know more. Simple, right? Is this the same with podcast hosts? I’m not sure. Is the fact that your podcast has more co-hosts an advantage? Sometimes. Let’s look into this a bit closer.

What podcasts should have a co-host

It is hard to say that one podcast needs a co-host, and a different one not. Of course some things are very obvious. If you are a mistery podcast that has two (or more) people as characters, then you need more people. But when you have interveiw or general talk podcasts, then the answer is a bit more difficoult.

Co-host pros:

  • a part of the content comes from a different person, so you need to do less work
  • listening to the podcast is more interesting because of two voices
  • if you get sick or have a different emergency, someone can take over
  • all the work (post-production, guest invitation etc.) is divided to more people

Co-host cons:

  • you need to rely on someone else to record the podcast. You can’t just decide to record a new episode, you need to coordinate
  • different people can see things in different ways, so sometimes you won’t agree
  • the profits will be split in half
  • You need to buy double equipment
  • Recording has to be done over the internet, so it can be more complicated

Where do I find a co-host

Most people start with a co-host that they know from real life. It is the easiest if you know the person allready and have a good relationship with them. This will probably mean that you will click and will have good energy while recording.

But sometimes it is hard to find a person that will go and co-host a podcast with you. In general podcasts don’t bring a lot of money and require you to be ready to record every week. So it can be a lot of work for a small reward. 

So sometimes you need to find a new person to co-host a podcast with you. There are a lot of online groups where you can find a co-host. Try Reddit, there is a subreddit for people who create podcasts (here) and requests for podcast co-host are not something unusual.

What you should do is talk to people around you in your hobby, and ask them if they listen to podcast and if they feel that they would like to star a podcast themselves. Sometimes you get to be surprised what people like.

Equipment for podcasts with multiple guests

In general, you don’t need aditional equipment. Well, it depends. If you and your co-host can meet in the same room at the same time, you can both speak into the same microphone and nothing need to change.

But this will bring its own set of problems (it will be hard to listen to the podcast if you speak with different volumes), so eventually you will split it up with two microphones.

If you can’t get together in one room, then you will need to record your conversation online, and each of you need your own equipment. In general it is not important if you have the same or different equipment. YOu can use zencastr.com to record your conversations.

So, how did you decide? Are you doing it yourself or are you going to find a co-host?

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1 thought on “Podcasts with co-hosts”

  1. hi, so we are excited to finally start our podcast.
    We are in two different states, my co-host and I.
    Shopping around for equipment has been a real task, we obviously want to produce the best quality content possible ( who doesn’t) but the issue we cannot seem to find an answer to is :
    ” If we want to be recorded in the EXACT same qulity and sound , making editing easier, what is the best equipment and the best software when one party has IOS and the other a PC .
    the only info I can locate , seems to be – adivice on recording a ” guest” from long distance.

    What about every show? We want to record in high quality each time,
    with as little effort into editing as possible, regarding the difference in origination of operating system ( ios vs. pc)

    do you have reccommendations as to matching equipment to maximize voice audio and software that caters to IOS as well as PC?

    Also , if one of us has to change the system ( getting a new laptop ) we area willing to do so if it translates into efficiency.
    In other words if two macs or two Pc’s are better than a combo, we are open to that.
    Thanks in advance 🙂
    Appreciate the feedback and content !


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